Our General Dentistry Services


What is included?

Every patient who walks into Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry receives a comprehensive exam. This exam is thorough and is aimed to educate you about your individualized treatment options.  This comprehensive exam incudes detailed examination of: Facial and cervical lymph nodes; Thyroid gland; Carotid arteries; Head and neck motor and sensory nerves; Intraoral hard and soft tissues;
Salivary consistency and flow; Oral pathology screening; Examination of temporomandibular joints and associated musculature; Muscles of mastication; Occlusal or “bite” evaluation;
Periodontal examination and diagnosis; Radiographic and clinical examination of each tooth and/or missing teeth; Endodontic examination and diagnosis on questionable teeth

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Understanding Your Options.

Fully understanding your condition, options, and treatment is important to us at Stuart Prosthetic Dentistry. We believe an informed patient is a prepared patient who can take care of their teeth at home.
Education is key in preventing gum inflammation, bone loss, and decay in a healthy mouth. During your treatment Dr. Tyler and our skilled team of hygienists will educate you on your unique circumstances and how best to prevent decay and future prosthodontic work. Whether it is just a reminder on how to best prevent periodontal disease, decay, brush and floss or a detailed regimen for post-implant care, you’ll feel confident going home and protecting your smile.

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Treatments Available

When enamel is removed from the tooth through recession, abfractions, fractures, or toothbrush abrasion teeth can become hypersensitive. Depending on the level of sensitivity we can perform the following treatments to block the sensation from the nerve: Root Canal • Gingival Graft • Composite Fillings • Topical Desensitizers


Strengthen Your Enamel

Select patients, including those with dry mouth or other reasons causing high cavity potential, benefit greatly from topical fluoride application. We paint on a fluoride varnish that remineralizes and strengthens your enamel. Some patients are also sent home with prescription level fluoride toothpaste. Dr. Tyler highly recommends nightly use of ACT fluoride rinse, which you can purchase over the counter, after brushing and flossing.


Bright White Smile

Tooth whitening is a very popular treatment for patients who want a brighter smile. Dr. Tyler’s take-home treatment plan includes bleach trays that are worn for up to a few hours depending on your individual plan, for noticeably whiter teeth.


How Prevent Tooth Decay?

If you have deep grooves in your occlusal surfaces a sealant can be etched and bonded on to prevent tooth decay. For a more aggressive prevention method, a resin can be prepared for, etched, and banded for a longer-lasting protection from occlusal-surface cavities.


How to maintain a healthy Mouth?

For patients who have been treated for periodontal disease, routine cleanings and therapy is necessary to mitigate and prevent the repercussions of the disease. These special cleanings save teeth and prevent progression of periodontitis, in essence, protecting your investment in any prosthodontics. We are very proud of our one and only hygienist, Bonnie. She is highly qualified, experienced, and an exceptional educator.


Protect Your Teeth

Nighttime tooth grinding and/or clenching is a problem for many patients. To protect teeth from cracks, fractures, and broken cusps, Dr. Tyler can craft a shallow mouthpiece for patients to wear at night. These are recommended for every veneer case and/or full mouth rehab to protect the prosthetic work. Very specific occlusal appliances are also a recommended treatment for TMJ disorder.


Cosmetic Bonding & Tooth Colored Fillings

To correct tooth decay a filling can be placed. Dr. Tyler prefers to use high-quality composite to fill a cavity. It’s a conservative, cosmetic substance that seals the tooth without removing a large portion of the tooth. His goal in placing composite fillings is for the patient to not be able to tell where it is. Bonding is a treatment for special cases where a desired result can be reached without taking the more aggressive approach of a crown. Dr. Tyler will replace and bond missing parts of the tooth for the best outcome.


Restore or Extract

Depending on your circumstances, you may need a tooth extracted. Dr. Tyler will evaluate your condition and only proceed with extraction if the tooth cannot be restored by other means. In some cases you may referred to an oral surgeon. If a tooth is not restorable, then in most cases a bone graft is recommended at the time of extraction to preserve the socket. A replacement option should be considered. Depending on the situation, tooth replacement options include: Implant | Bridge | Partial Dentures



Straightening teeth can reduce the risk of periodontal disease by allowing improved oral hygiene and can help many prosthodontic treatments. Invisalign is perfect for those who had orthodontic treatment and did not wear their retainer, relapsed, and would like to re-straighten. If working with an orthodontist is not necessary to straighten teeth, Dr. Tyler uses Invisalign technology to control his patient’s progress depending on your individual treatment plan.


Before Prosthetic Prodecures.

Gingivectomies are procedures that remove the soft tissue around a tooth. These can be performed to remove infected tissue, lengthen a crown, and make way for prosthetic procedures that must be performed for complete restoration. If hard tissue or bone must be removed along with soft tissue to achieve desired result, then the procedure is called Crown Lengthening. Dr. Tyler will decide if this treatment is right for you, and work with a qualified periodontist if he believes an interdisciplinary approach is necessary to treat your condition.


About Endodontics

Endodontic procedures are more commonly known as root canals. These procedures are an effective way to save natural teeth by removing infection from the root of the tooth and repairing it to prevent any further decay. Dr. Tyler’s comprehensive exam will thoroughly diagnose your condition and reveal if a root canal is the right option for your situation. Saving natural teeth is Dr. Tyler’s number one priority. Performing endodontic procedures allows him to remove pain and restore a brilliant smile for his patients.


Preserve Your Bone

Bone grafting is the replacement of missing bone. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Tyler suggests a bone graft be performed almost every time a tooth is extracted to preserve the existing bone and improve your ability to receive an implant later in life. After three to six months of healing from a bone graft the placement of a dental implant is possible.


Networking for the Best Results

Dr. Tyler works with a network of qualified dental providers to achieve the best results for all his patients. An interdisciplinary approach to dentistry brings many specialists together to improve the life of a single patient. In some complicated cases the need for an oral surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist, or other dental specialist as well as the expertise of a prosthodontist is necessary. Dr. Tyler often receives and gives referrals to these specialists to provide the best care and education possible for his patients.